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RAMAYANA - Episode 19

Janak goes to Vishwamitra to take him to the raaj bhavan & meets Ram & Laxman there. When he sees Ram, he continuously stares at him & gets attracted towards him.

When asked by him, Vishwamitra tells him that they are King Dasrath's sons & have defeated many demons, given salvation to Ahillya (stone turned lady) & whosoever sees Ram, gets the same feeling of attachment, attraction, love & devotion for him.

Janak feels relieved that the swayamvar will be completed succesfully as such a great, unusual (divya shakti, tejasvi) being wil be present there.

Janak tells his wife about Ram & wishes that he lifts the ShivDhanush as he feels he is the right person for his dayghter Sita. His wife assures him that if he is made for Sita, then surely he will lift it.

Sita & her sisters worship Maa Gauri for a loving husband of their choice. Ram & Laxman go to pushpvatika to collect flowers where Sita & Ram see each other the first time & get lost in each other.

Sita wishes to have him as her husband & so prays to Maa Gauri for him.

Maa Gauri's garland falls on Sita's neck & she gets the indication that her prayers will be answered.