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RAMAYANA - Episode 18

Sita is getting ready for her swayamvar. On the other hand Vishwamitra tells Ram that he trusts him blindly but assures him to use the three astra shastra for the betterment of humanity & the world.

A doot(messenger) from Mithila comes to invite VIshwamitra for Shivdhanush yagya & Sita's swayamvar. When Sita comes to know that two other unusual, undefeatble young men are coming alongwith him, Gurumata Gargi informs that they even defeated Taadka & other demons.

On their way, Ram Laxman & Vishwamitra reach an ashram which seems to be desserted & cursed.

Vishwamitra tells them that rishi Gautam had cursed his wife Ahillya & Indra dev, as in his absence, Indra dev went to wife Ahillya in disguise being Gautam rishi. Gautam rishi saw this & cursed Ahillya that she would become a stone called "Sheila Khand".

Vishwamitra tells Ram that Ahillya is still waiting in the same ashram as a stone to get free from curse & a Devta like Ram could only give her salvation.

He touched the "SheilaKhand" with his foot & Ahillya became free from curse & turned into a beautiful lady.

They then move forward with their journey towards Mithila. Mithila people welcome them.