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RAMAYANA - Episode 17

Ram Laxman reach vishwamitra's ashram with him. Ram & Laxman guard the rishis maharshis while they are conducting yagya. The two devils Subahu & Marich get to know that Vishwamitra is again conducting yagya, so they again decide of disturbing him. They plan to kill Ram & Laxman thinking they are still young to fight them back.

Ram & Laxman strike arrows to them & Marich is flown off by the arrow, seeing this even Subahu flees away. Then the whole crowd of demons (rakshas) surrounds them. Ram & Laxman are unsuccesful to stop them.

Laxman creates a boundary of arrows of fire around the yagya place so that they cannot enter it. The devils got burnt to ashes & all got destroyed.

Finally Ram strikes arrow towards the demon & yagya is succesfully completed resulting to the birth of three astra shastra which is given to Ram by Vishwanitra. Sita's sisters inform her that swayamvar will start soon & Shivdhanush is to be lifted in order to marry her which nobody they know of can lift it.

Sita gets tensed & prays to Lord Vishnu to come for her swayamavar.