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RAMAYANA - Episode 16

Sita alongwith the rest of the family is worshiping Lord Vishnu. Maharshi tells Janak that the time has arrived & he should invite various Kings for swayamvar of Sita. Sita gives first invitation to God before any other King is invited.

Vishwamitra tells Ram & Laxman that once they get the full knowledge about mantraas, they will never face any health problems & will be able to defeat any bad evils. He imparts them the knowledge and jyoti punj from sky rests in Ram & Laxman.

Dasrath halucinates & imagines Ram Laxman Bharat & Shatrughan coming towards him but soon realises that they are not with him. Ram Laxman alongwith Vishwamita reach a forest, on their way, where there is not even a single human being. They wonder about it & ask Vishwamitra about it.

Vishwamita tells them that its because of a demon called Taadka (a huge giant like dangerous demon) that no rishi or human can do tapasya or puja there. No mantraas or shlokas are effective there & only Ram can defeat her. later they enter a dark tunnel where huge footsteps of Taadka are visible. Ram creates thunder with his bow & Taadka wakes up. Ram & Laxman strike an arrow on Taadka when she opens her huge mouth to eat them. Taadka tries to destroy them by all means.

Vishwamitra tells Ram that he would not get any curse by killing Taadka as killing her would lead to her salvation. So Ram strikes an arrow upon her & she is destroyed. Then a beautiful lady appears from the ashes of Taadka who thanks Ram for giving her salvation & freedom from curse..