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RAMAYANA - Episode 15

Ram Laxman Bharat & Shatrughan are sitting with their mothers and chatting about each other. All are praising ram that his touch is magical. Sumanth comes & informs them that maharshi vishvamitra has come & will be leaving at the earliest. moreover he adds that he wants Ram to go with him to his ashram to fight & beat the demons subahu & marich & dasrath is convinced & ready to send him.

All are stunned on the thought how could dasrath allow this as Ram is too young & has just returned from gurukul. But Ram insists on going as he does not want dasraths promise & words to go in vein. He wants to obey them.

Sumitra tells Laxman to go alongwith Ram & be as his shadow. Manthra is glad that Ram & Laxman are going as she is assured that Ram will not be able to face the power of demons & will be killed, so Bharat will automatically become the King. Vishvamitra meets all four brothers & Dasrath tells Ram to go along with him.

Laxman takes Dasraths permission to alongwoth Ram. Ram & Laxman leave taking their mothers blessings. All three Queens question Dasrath on how he let go Ram & Laxman. Dasrath replies that it was not easy for him also, but being a King he had to give whatever maharshi asked, moreover he was given the assurance that Ram is born for the betterment of humanity & the world.

Vishvamitra tells Ram & Laxman about river Ganga & how it came on earth.