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RAMAYANA - Episode 14

Daily activities of how mothers are taking care of their sons are shown in a song.

Vishwamitra tells Vashisht he had seen Divya Tej in Ayodhya and in Gurukul. Vashisht tells him the name of the Divya Tej is Ram.

Kaushalya feeding Ram, Dasharath tells her that Ram is no more a child, she says when he was a child, he was not with her, so now even he is grown up, and she will give him all her love as if he is a child. Shatrughna takes away Laxmans kheer and when Ram offers his to Laxman, Shatrughna takes that too, all in a fun.

Vishwamitra walking through a Jungle, when Marich and Subahu appear in the sky, they make fun of Vishvamitra and say that even if he gets a bigger army to protect his Yagya, they will still destroy it.

In the palace Vashishth and Dashrath were discussing Rams future when Vishwamitra arrives. Dashrath asks Wishvamitra if there is anything he can do for him, he will be too happy. Wishvamitra says that with the blessings of Vashishth, Dashrath doesnt need any help but everyone else needs Dashraths favour, so does Wishvamitra.

Dashrath replies that anything, his empire, and even his life is for Wishvamitra, he just has to say what he wants. Wishvamitra tells him to think over once again. Dashrath replies that once he has given his word, he will give his life to keep his word. Wishvamitra looks at him and says he wants Ram to help him from Marich and Subahu, who are trying to destroy his Yagna.

Dashrath is shocked and says ram is still very young, he offers his entire army, even he himself will come and protect him, but not Ram. Wishvamitra is angry that Dashrath is not keeping his word, he says Ram is a unique power, he has taken birth to destroy evil powers, he turns to Vashishth and says that father has not recognise the hidden powers of his sons. It is then that Vashishth convinces Dashrath to send Ram with Wishvamitra and saya that Ram will be safer with Wishvamitra it will be best for whole Univers and for Ram too. Dashrath asks forgiveness from Wishvamitra and sends for Ram.