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RAMAYANA - Episode 13

The people of Ayodhya are very excited as Ram and his brothers are on their way home. The three mothers and Dashrath are being informed about their movements.

Finally they enter Ayodhya. We see people welcoming them with flowers, and saying Ram ki jay- Raghunandan Ram ki jay.

Dasharth asks why it is taking so much time for them to reach the palace. He is told that there are millions of people on the road welcoming them, so it is difficult for the Rath to move forward. Manthra reaches near the rath of the Rajkumars and mistakes Ram for Bharat. When she realizes it is Ram, she runs away from there.

The Royal maids come and tell Kaushaliya that the princes have entered the palace with Vashisht. The three queens look out for them but cant find them. Kekai says- Vashishth must have taken them to Dahshrath.

Vashisht escorts the rajkumars towards Dashrath. They look at each other and it seems time has come to a standstill. Vashisht breaks the silence by saying to Dashrath that he had given him four little boys but now Vashisht has brought four very well educated youths, who are perfect in Ved, Vedant, Politics, Religion and Arthsahstra. It is an emotional meeting between father and sons, when the three mothers come to meet them. A very emotional scene between sons and mothers. Dashrath watches them with tears of happiness.

Daily activities show the 3 mothers taking care of their sons. The mothers feed their sons breakfast and talk about Gurukul and asks them who used to feed whom and who used to eat more. Dashrath too is watching them and he says I am also hungry, will someone feed me too. They all laugh.

In the night Dashrath comes to Rams room and watches him sleeping. Kaushaliya too is there. Dasharth says I want to see Ram all the time. Sumitra and Kekai, too, come there after a while. As they are leaving and have a last look at Ram. They feel that Lord Vishnu is asleep there instead of Ram.