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RAMAYANA - Episode 12

Ram comes to Guru Vashishths kutia in the night and sees him sleeping. He imagines his father, king Dashrath, sleeping and starts pressing Vashishts feet. Vashishth gets up and, seeing Ram, asks him what he is doing. Ram tells him that he sees his fathers image in him. During their talk, Vashisht tells him that his father too must be remembering him but as a king he bust be controlling his emotions. He knows that you being looked after here and education is as important as prayer and the people of Ayodhya have to have learned kings. It will help you to keep good ideals before the people of world and make sure that they follow them forever.

Guru mata Arundhati is doing some work when Ram and his brothers bring flowers for pooja and fruits for her. She becomes very emotional; there are tears in her eyes as she knows they will be leaving soon. But she also knows that parting is inevitable. They take her blessings and as she turns to go they hear the sound of her sobs. The four brothers become very emotional.

In Ayodhya the three queens come to Dashrath and tell him that they cant live without their sons. Dashrath tells them that their education is almost over and they will be here very soon. They are very excited hearing this.

In the Gurukul Ram and his brothers are talking about their going back to Ayodhya.

A Rishi messenger has come to Ayodhya from gurukul and says that Vashisht has asked for the Princely dresses of the Rajkumars as they will soon return after completing samavartan. All the queens are very happy to hear this.

In the Gurukul Vashisht gives one last lesson to Ram and his brothers. In the end he tells them that their father has sent Sumant to take them back to Ayodhya, so get ready to leave and he blesses them.

Ram and his brothers take leave of Gurumata Arundhati. A very emotional scene. Finally she sends them away with tears in her eyes, as she wants them to go and do their duty to humanity.