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RAMAYANA - Episode 11

Grown up Sita is doing Arti in Gauri Devis Mandir with her three young sisters. Janak with Sunaina come there.
The three queens of Ayodhya are worshipping the Sun at sunrise praying for their children. They ask Dashrath when their education will end. Dashrath replies that there is an end to everything and so their education also will end.

Guru vashishth is teaching Ram and all the students Yoga abhyas (7 Chakras) and about birth and death, and also about life which is a journey from birth to death.

Guru Vashisht describes the creation of the universe and the princes are wrapped in attention as the narration goes on. Suddenly Nandini, the cow, comes rushing, raising a lot of dust and she starts banging her head on the trees around the ashram.

There is consternation as each tree turns into a rakshash. Ram picks up his dhanush and the demons fly away in fear. Nandini chases them on the ground.

Ram asks Vashisht how Nandini could see what others couldnt see. Guru Vashisht tells him that the demons were sent by Dashanan Ravan to spy on them and find out if any yagya was being performed to acquire Anivak weapons.
Lakshman asks Arundhati about Nandinis powers. How did she know that the trees were actually demons? Arundhati tells them about Nandini who is Kamadhenus daughter. She also tells them about Kamadhenu and Rishi Vishwamitra who was a proud Samrat before he became a Rishi.

There is a sudden commotion and a chariot enters with Raja Adityanath seated in it. Guru Vashisht asks him the purpose of his visit. Aditya tells him that he has come to take Nandini away. He contends that Nandini should not be in an ashram, she should belong to a palace. He threatens that anybody trying to stop him will lose his life. He drags Nandini away.

Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna rain arrows at him and the arrows form a barricade in front of his chariot preventing his movement. Rams arrow knocks down Adityas crown and as Ram pulls the string of his dhanush to send another arrow, Guru Vashisht stops him.

Guru Vashisht tells the princes: You have all passed the test. Raja Adityanath is one of you. He was only posing as a Raja. This was a test. You have proved that you have understood that mere use of weapons cannot get you victory in war. You need to have courage and presence of mind besides strong willpower to subdue your enemies. I am happy you have all the qualities.

The princes bow to take his blessings.