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RAMAYANA - Episode 10

In mithila, Sita goes to the Shiv Dhanush and places flowers on it.

Bhagwan Prashuram doing tapasya on Mahendra Parbat.

Sitas sisters sees the flowers on Shiv dhanush and asks to Sita - What have you done? screams Urmila. A royal guest is coming for Shiv Dhanush puja and you have done it before his arrival?

A storm occurs in Mithila. With the storm, Parashuram appears in Janaks palace. There is a great welcome for him. He tells Janak that he was doing tapasya on Mahendra Parbat when Lord Shiva appeared before him and told him to have a darshan of Shiv Dhanush which is in Mithila.

Sita asks Parashuram whether he will take the Dhanush away. Parashuram looks at Sita and he realises that it is the wish of God that the Dhanush is in Mithila. He bows before the Dhanush and feels that he is bowing before Lord Shiva. He takes leave of Janak and disappears.

Sita wants to know from her father the story of the Dhanush. Janak now narrates the story of Tripur to everybody.
Ram is playing the Veena in Gurukul. The students, Mata Arundhati and even the birds come to listen to him.

In Mithila, Sita and her sisters are taking lessons in music from Gargi Devi. They sing in praise of Vishnu.
In the Gurukul, Ram continues to play the Veena even after the song is over. Sita is dancing before the murti of Vishnu. She is dancing to music which she alone can hear. Suddenly she falls at the feet of the murti. Ram has stopped playing the Veena.

When Sitas sister Urmila asks her what happened Sita says: I felt as if somebody was playing the Veena for me. Urmila tells her: It was Vishnu who was playing the Veena for you.

Sita asks Gargi Devi how Vishnu takes care of the world. Gargi explains how Vishnu has taken avatars to protect the good and destroy the evil. Sita says I will take part in all his deeds.

From here we go into a montage till middle of Surya namaskar. Now Ram and his brothers are grown up. Vashishth blesses them and teaches them the 12 Asanas of Surya namaskar.