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RAMAYANA - Episode 09

Arundhati lovingly serves dinner. Bharat says the food is delicious. He says it is like the food his mother cooks at home. Vivaswan shouts at Bharat saying there is only one mother for everybody. She is ones own mother. Vashisht stops Vivaswan from talking more.

When Vivaswan is out of the room, Guru Vashisht tells Ram that Vivaswan is good at heart. He has been a victim of circumstances. He lost his own mother and his father remarried.

Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra do aradhana of King Dashrath on Guru Purnima day. They seek his permission to go to Guru Vashishts ashram on the occasion to offer worship to Guru Vashisht. Actually they are longing to see their sons and it is a chance they dont want to miss on the pretext of offering puja to Guru Vashisht.

When they reach the ashram they are stopped from entering the Gurukul. Guru Vashisht tells them that the princes are well, doing extremely well in their education and at present have gone to seek bhiksha (alms) which is part of the education.

The queens are shocked.

Ram and his brothers are in front of a house asking for bhiksha. The householder sees God in Ram and he is in a state of bewilderment. How can God who feeds us all ask for bhiksha, he asks himself?

Back in the place the queens are unable to savour the food as they are haunted by the memory of their sons seeking bhiksha. Queen Kausalya has no appetite and Dashrath tries to feed her lovingly.

Manthra tells Kaikeyi in her chamber that Kausalya is trying to gain the sympathy of the King. She wants the king to make her son Ram, the King but I will see that she is not successful, Manthra keeps saying.

The river near thr gurukuli is flooded. The river water is hitting the wall near the gurukul. Viwasvan is looking at the flood and he feels it will make no difference to anybody if he died. No one loves me anyway, he tells himself.

Bharat comes quickly and tells Ram that everyone has come but Viwasvan has not. Even the cows are back, hw says. Ram says that he must inform gurudev.

Everyone including Vashisht goes in search of Viwasvan. They call out to him and they find him near the wall. Vashisht ask him what he was doing there. Viwasvan replies that there is a hole in the wall through which the water ass flowing into the gurukul, and he was plugging the hole with his finger so that the water did not enter the gurukul. He was not worried about his life but he wants to save the gurukul. Vashisht asks him to leave the wall and come to him, he tells Ram to take care of the hole with the help of other students. He embraces Viwasvan and tells him that he is very proud of him, because he has not only saved gurukul, but has helped the society, and he had no words to praise him. Ram, too, comes to him after taking care of the hole and embraces Viwasvan. There are tears of happiness in Viwasvans eyes and he feels very happy in Rams embrace.