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RAMAYANA - Episode 08

In the Gurukul the boys Ram, Laxman, Bharat & Shatrughna have returned with the Bhiksha and they hand it over to Gurumata Arundhati who tells them now to take rest. We have lots of work to do, the boy tells her, If you do all the work then what will we do? she asks the boys. You can shower love on us, the boys reply together.

Gurumata becomes emotional and she tells her husband Vashisht not to be over strict with them. Be a little soft on them, she tells the Rishi. You take care of that side, being soft, Guru Vashisht tells his wife.

There is a very heavy storm in Ayodhya. People are trying to move to safer places. Dasrath asks Sumant to take care of the people and see that no one is harmed, when his three Queens come and say that they are worried about their sons. They plead with Raja Dasrath to send Sumanth and his men to get all the four Rajkumars back to Ayodhya. Dasrath tells them that their sons are with Gurudev Vashishth, who will take care of not only his four sons but all his students, even in a more perilous situation than a storm.

In the Gurukul Arundhati is too worried about Ram. Vashishth tells her that she should not be worry about Ram alone. She should be more of Gurumata than a mother. Guru Vashisth is trying to put them in more and more difficult situations so that they become stronger and are able to face any danger. He wants to make their foundation stronger, and the most important thing is that Ram has come into this world to free others from worries. So dont worry about him, he tells his wife.

As the storm recedes students start collecting Samidha. Vivaswan tries to take Laxmans Samidha and there is big argument. When Ram comes and offers his Samidha to Vivaswan, but Vivaswan refuses and he takes an axe to cut branches of a tree when vashishth stops him and says- Never cut a tree Samidha is a branch which falls from a tree on its own. It has not been cut by us. Trees are our friends; they give us shelter, fruits and so many useful things.

All the students are giving bath to cows. Vivaswan purposely throws water in such a way that it falls on Ram, Bharat, Laxman, Shatrughan dont like this and there is an argument when there is a scream from Acharya for help. They see a crocodile pulling Acharya away in the water. Everybody is helpless as there are no weapons but Ram runs to help Acharya. He holds the crocodile and tries to hit him, when he hears, Dont hit me from the crocodile. Acharya comes from under the artificial crocodile. Vashishth comes and tells Ram that it was a pariksha, a test which Ram has passed. Others were looking for weapons but Ram jumped into the water to save Acharya without caring for his life and he is very proud of him.

Vashishth wants to gift Ram the Astra Vidya. He can use the Astra Vidya whenever he is in any danger. He will not require any weapon. Guru Vashishth teaches him the Astra Vidya Mantra. Ram bows to him and Vashishth blesses him.