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RAMAYANA - Episode 07

In the gurukul Guru Vashisth has begun to impart gyan to the princes. In mithila Raja Janak and Sunaina are happily watching Sita grow up into lovely lass. Sunaina says she has noticed that Sita has brought prosperity and well-being to mithila. Ever since they brought her home as an infant, there has been no scarcity of any sort in mithila. But she has a worry about Sita as she is growing up. Who will marry her?

Janak hasnt got over the Shiv Dhanush incident. He tells Sunaina that whoever is able to lift the Shiv Dhanush will be eligible to marry Sita. Sunaina agrees and says the lucky young man has surely taken birth somewhere already.

In Vashisths gurukul Ram picks up a dhanush and arms it accurately. Vashisht tells his pupils that it is important to know who, what and where the arm of the archer is. Whatever you do must be for the good of mankind he tells them.

In his ashram sage Vashwamitra is performing a yagya. Demons Mareech and Subahu are hovering in the sky, throwing bones and blood into the fire of the yagya and guffawing scornfully. Mareech and Subahu return to the darbar of Khar and Dooshan to inform them that they have successfully spoiled Vishwamitras yagya. In the ashram of Vishwamitra the rishis are crestfallen and they ask each other: is there no one who can safeguard us from such demons?

Ram and his brothers are learning the art of shastra and shastra from Guru Vashisht. With shastra they learn to use weapons to protect society and with shaastra they learn to show people the way to a good, honest life.

The princes are on horseback. As they ride, Shatrughan falls from his horse. Ram calls out Shatrughan.

In the palace in Ayodhya the queens are doing aarti. Sumitra hears Rams cry and the aarti thaal falls from her hands. She tells Dashrath that she is scared. Something is wrong with her son. Dashrath assures her that alls well. Rishi Vashisht will take good care of her sons. He points out that though the thaal has fallen, the lamp is burning bright. Sumitra feels happy and comforted.

At night Shatrughan cant sleep. He asks Ram to sing a lori for him. All the children request Ram to sing. Just then a beautiful voice is heard singing a lori. It is Gurumata Arundhati who responds to the childrens longing for a lori. Guru Vashisht smiles with satisfaction.

Sita and her three sisters are standing before the idol of Vishnu. Sita is holding a gudda and guddi. She wants to get them married. One of the sisters asks Sita what kind of a husband she would like to have. Sita blushes and says shed want a husband like Vishnu. Janak and Sunaina overhear this.