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RAMAYANA - Episode 06

Ram & his brothers are welcomed by the inmates of the gurukul which include other boys, animals and birds. Gurumata Arundhati takes charge of them like a mother.

In Dashraths palace in Ayodhya there is a void and silence without the playful princes. Kaushalya gives instructions to prepare food for Ram and his brothers forgetting that they are away.

In the gurukul the princes are homesick. They want to go home but Ram tells them that they have to complete their education and go home as worthy youth, prepared to take on the responsibility of running the kingdom. If they go back now, Ram tells Shatrughan, they will lose the respect and love of the people of Ayodhya. The gurukul shiksha begins for the princes of Ayodhya.

In mithila, Sita and her sisters are playing outside the temple. Sita goes to the Shiv Dhanush and places flowers on it. What have you done? screams Urmila. A royal guest is coming for Shiv Dhanush puja and you have done it before his arrival?

Sita smiles and tells Urmila not to worry. We will welcome the royal guest she says sweetly.

In a short while Raja Janak, Sunaina and the royal guest Raja Sudhanwa arrive. He looks at Sita. Raja Sudhanwa is a proud man. When the havan is completed, Raja Sudhanwa is asked to do the Shiv Dhanush puja. Raja Sudhanwa tells Janak Raja proudly that he will take the Dhanush to his kingdom and do the puja there. Everybody is shocked.

Raja Sudhanwa is clever. He has realized that the Shiv Dhanush has brought prosperity to mithila. He smiles and tries to pick up the Dhanush. To his surprise he cannot lift it. He tries and tries When he fails for the umpteenth time he gets angry and leaves in disgust. Janak is upset. He tells Sunaina that he has never made enemies till now. Sunaina comforts him saying all will be well as Sita and her sisters are playing with a ball of flowers. The ball rolls under the Shiv Dhanush. The girls try to retrieve the ball in vain. Then, Sita picks up the Dhanush easily. Janak and Sunaina cant believe their eyes when they see Sita standing before them, holding up the Shiv Dhanush.