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Dashrath is convinced that the sight of Rams face in the morning augurs well for him. Everything turns out right for him during the day.

Rams brothers also listen to him and follow his advice. When all four of them are in the mango orchard shooting down mangoes with their arrows, a quarrel ensues between Lakshman and Shatrughan over who has brought down more mangoes. Was it Bharats arrow or Rams arrow?
Ram intervenes and calms down his brothers. He tells them that the mangoes will be shared by all equally.

Manthra, the royal maid, continues her mischief. She is all for Bharat becoming king. She leads little Bharat to the Royal Court and points out to the throne saying that it will be his one day. Wide eyed with disbelief Bharat stares at her and says: No Ram bhaiya will be king.
Ram and his brothers want to meet the people of Ayodhya and be part of their happiness and sorrow. Dashrath asks Sumant to take them to the city on the occasion of Vasant Panchami festival so that they can mix with common folk and be part of their festivities.

In the city Ram receives a tilak on his forehead from an old lady. He sees a boy crying as his grandfather is unwell. Ram goes to meet the ailing grandfather and promises to take care of the little boy, so that the old man can die peacefully. On his way back to the palace Ram asks Sumant about Death. What is Death? Do we all have to die? He asks at the end of this episode, the location shifts to Mithila, the kingdom of Janak Raja, where Sita is found as an infant in the earth.