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All the four kids are named and are appreciated by Gurudev. He is continuously singing songs of their praises & future & gives them lots of blessings. Dasrath plays with his kids & forgets all his worries. Even the Maharanis are pampering the kids, showering love on them them, taking utmost care of them. Gurudev informs that Ram will be loved the most by people round the globe & would be evrybody's favourite. Manthra again tires to ignite the feeling of despair & hatred in Keikai, but again fails as Keikai loves Ram the most & forgets evrything when he is with her.

Dashrath cannnot live without seeing ram, his day starts with Ram & does not end without Ram. Dasrath, Kaushalya, Sumitra & Keikai are playing with Ram in morning & suddenly he gets up on his own feet & starts walking. Everybody is surprised & on cloud nine. Keikai takes him in her arms & he addresses her as "MAA", his first words are " MAA" for Keikai. she loves him, kisses him, hugs him as she is very happy that Ram called her "MAA" first.