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The Putra Kameshthi Yagya is ceremoniously performed by Rishi Shring in Ayodhya in the palace of King Dasrath.

A Divya Prurush (a divine being) appears from the yagya with a bowl of kheer (sweetened milk) and offers it to king Dasrath. Rishi Shring orders Dasrath to accept the kheer and let his three queens have portions of it.

Dasrath obeys Rishi Shring. The three Queens partake of the kheer.
When queen Kaikeyi returns to her chamber, Manthra tells Kaikeyi that she should have not shared kheer with the other two queens. Kaikeyi tell her that her happiness is in the happiness of Kaushalya and Sumitra.

All the three queens are now in family way. They give birth to sons. While Kaushalya and Kaikeyi have one son each, Sumitra gives birth to twins. King Dashraths joy knows no bounds. He has four handsome sons now.

Dashraths subjects celebrate with joy in the streets of Ayodhya.
The naming ceremony in the palace is preside over by Vashisht, Kaushalyas son is named Ram, Kaikeyis son is named Bharat and Sumitras sons are called Lakshman and Shatrughan.

Guru Vashisht blesses them all.